Sunday, July 05, 2020

Thanksgiving Trip to the USA

Leucistic Red-Tailed Hawk

This almost white Red-Tailed Hawk has a condition known as Leucism, which is where the pigment in the feathers does not allow for the coluor to show through. This is a fairly rare condition and the first time I've seen one in any Raptor Species

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Welcome to On The Wildside Photographic Art


On The WildSide Photographic Art was born from a love of all things to do with Wildlife and Nature.  I have decided to begin a blog about the pictures that I take using this name and share it with anyone who is interested in photographing wildlife and nature, especially those rare and endangered species that are native to Manitoba.  I began my journey as a photographer in early 2007, while working for a company that had me travelling the prairies and provided me with a point and shoot camera for work.  I started by taking photos of old buildings along the way to my destination, and soon found that I wanted much more than a point and shoot camera could offer me.  I purchased my first DSLR camera later that year, an Olympus entry level body and a couple of lenses.  Since then I have switched to a Nikon Full Frame camera with better quality lenses and continue to improve upon my skills as both photographer and learning all about the subjects that I choose to photograph.

I recently added two new sections, one on Poetry & Song Lyrics for those of you who are passionate about this, plus I have now added a Downloads area, where you can take advantage of the many eBooks that I have gathered over the years, all related to photography in one way or another.