Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Majestic Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl is a bird seen on the Southern Prairies and other geographic locations of Canada from November until April as they head south from their summer home in far northern Tundra.  These birds have a mystery about them that Wildlife Biologists and Ornithologists are still gathering information about, with much yet to be learned about these magnificent owls.  They are my favourite of all the owls and one that I look forward to seeing and photographing each winter.

Yet, they were an owl that I never got to see in the wild until I moved to SW Manitoba in 2012!  Now I see them everywhere I go.

White with dark maked Snowy Owl perched on a fence post, looking towards me in my vehicle.

Snowy Owl Sitting on a Fence Post

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A Little Help From My Friends

What’s a blog without some help from some of my friends? 


From time to time, I’ll post pictures from some of my friends, who just happen to be photographers as well.
I’ll start off with one of my own pictures and then add a few from some others who have so graciously agreed to have me post their pictures here.

Juvenile American Coot along the marsh north of Souris, with deep blue water.

I recently took this picture of a Juvenile American Coot was taken along the Marshes just north of Souris.

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The First Snowfall

The first snowfall of the season is always one that we seem to dread, but inevitably this happens each year and we should know that it’s going to happen no matter how hard we try to avoid it.  Birds and other wildlife, as well as domestic animals don’t seem to be bothered by this in the same way that we are and just go about their business as if it were any other day.  Only we humans think that we can somehow control the weather and sometimes become so stressed by it that we make ourselves sick with worry, and rather than embrace what Mother Nature gives to us, try to hide away from this cold time of year.


I have decided that winter is a part of my life and am going to enjoy it and make the best of what is given to me.  So with this in mind I ventured out for the first snowfall of the season and went looking to see what pictures I could find.

A solitary Wild Turkey standing beside a tree on snow covered ground.  It has a red head and it's body and tail are mixed with irridescent blues and browns.

Each Winter we have a Flock or Rafter as they are called of Wild Turkeys

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What’s in Store?

What’s In Store for the Coming Months?

We know that Fall is almost over and for those of us who love to go out and find birds to take pictures of, the pickings become slim once the ground is frozen and winter rears it’s somewhat cold and blustery head.  But fear not my friends as there is always something to find even in the coldest of months or days along the frozen Manitoba Prairies.

Snowy Owl sitting on top of a Hydro Pole with a deep blue sky in the background

Snowy Owl sitting on top of a telephone pole in SW Manitoba

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