Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Today I went out looking for Spring.  Like many others in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, I’ve had enough of “Old Man Winter” and the extreme cold that keeps rearing it’s ugly head, so as the temperatures hovered today around -1 C I thought this would a good time to go and see if Spring was anywhere in the vicinity.

Perhaps I might find Spring hiding under a rock or buried inside an empty Bird Box somewhere just outside of town.  I searched high and low, but think I may have to try this again in a month or so, once Spring decides to finally show it’s face around here. 


A locked gate to a snow covered field

I looked through, over and around this gate, but couldn’t see any signs of Spring nearby.  I guess I’ll have to just keep looking elsewhere.



Snowy Owl on top of a Hydro Pole


I checked with this Snowy Owl to see if Spring was anywhere in sight, but it just gave me a look as if to say “Do you really think I’d still be sitting here is Spring was here?”  I have a few more places to look yet.



Victoria Park ~ Souris, Manitoba, waiting under a blanket of snow


I took a look down into the Bowl and Stage in Victoria Park to see if Spring was maybe hiding under the stage, but alas there was no sign of it there either.  I’m getting a bit frustrated, but haven’t given up yet.



Logs Buried Under the Snow


I checked in the pile of split logs behind Woodfire Deli in Souris, to see if Spring was hiding under on of the logs, but mostly all I could find was Old Man Winter sleeping on the job.  Oh well, I haven’t given up yet and will see if I can find Spring somewhere else in town.



A Bench mostly Snow Covered


I found this bench mostly covered with Snow and got a little excited because it’s not totally covered and there is a little room for someone to sit on the end, that is if you’re a really thin person and don’t mind a bit of cold snow underneath you.  But Spring can’t be far away so I’ll just keep looking.



A Snow Squall beginning to blow in on the outskirts of Souris


I picked up my vehicle from the shop and decided to check on the outskirts of Souris to see if Spring was maybe hiding there.  When I looked west along the railway, the wind picked up and the snow started to fall.  I guess Old Man Winter is trying to tell me something and that he’s not about to give up his place on the top of the hill quite yet.



A Bird Box on the Fence


I found this Bird Box along one of the farm fences and took a look inside to see if maybe a bird might be inside waiting for Spring to appear, but it was empty.  Sad smile  I’ll come back and check on this in a month or two and see if one of the Swallows returns to claim this as it’s nest for the season.  Still no signs of Spring.



A Horned Lark sitting along the edge of the Gravel Road


I stopped to ask this Horned Lark if it has seen any signs of Spring lately, but all it did was give me that “Angry Bird” look and fly away.  So I guess I’ll have to keep looking in a few more places for Spring.



Barren trees with the Snow swirling around them


As I headed back into Souris, I thought I’d look to see if Spring was in one of these trees, but mostly all I could see was blowing snow and even though the temperature was a little nicer, the wind was biting at my bare hands and face.  So I gave up looking for Spring and headed home.



Wild Turkeys Huddled Together under the Pine Trees


As I drove down the lane to park my vehicle I saw a bunch of Turkeys huddled under the Pine Trees behind my house and saw that some of the Toms were displaying for the Hens, which to me is a sure sign that Spring is in the air.  Finally I’ve found a sign of Spring and after all that wandering about it was almost in my back yard the whole time.



A Tom Turkey framed between two upright Tails

Spring is definitely in the air, but I may have to wait another month or so for it to finally get here.  Open-mouthed smile